Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I recently took my kids out for a photo shoot. The day was VERY bright and bad for pictures, but we got a few alright ones.

This is one of the three of my boys that turned out the best. Not happy that #2's eyes aren't open, but pretty normal "goofy-ness" from him.

This is pretty standard behavior around here....

Here's the happy baby! I was so glad I got a couple of him cooperating!!

This one I wish was a little darker instead of having the top washed out so much, but it's cute.

This is my contemplative oldest son.

This is my mischevious middle son. This look is CLASSIC of him!

This is my baby. He's cooperating so well here! (ok, except the wiggly hand...)

Here's the two oldest. They really are best buddies. Love this shot.